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You Be The Change (UBC) is a not-for-profit which facilitates youth in their pathway to solid employment.

We achieve this through programs which give individuals, Community Groups, Business and Government sectors the tools and knowledge to be the change.


UBC believes that young men and women who find work within supportive and positive companies can develop the confidence to lead prolific lives.

Our vision is to create a shared value system which fosters the creation of sustainable job pathways for Youth with unearthed potential.



We focus on practical change through the connection of youth with business leaders who can train, mentor, develop and employ. 


We are currently in the pilot stage for the below Programs:


When a young Yirrigandji man was given the opportunity to create and shape a future for him and his family many years ago, he took it. 35 years later, Dennis Mohamed is the Director and founder of SDC Group, a leader in the construction industry. SDC employs other young men and women who, in-turn, have found employment, skills and confidence in the world.


Dennis has a clear vision to help people achieve their goals. With UBC, Dennis brings this support system to life so that youth can become leaders, and one day pay it forward for future generations of Australians. 

youth become leaders who then pay it forward for the next generation of youth.

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WE are looking to connect with Individuals, families, communities and business leaders who want to join our vision.


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